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Hotmail, the legendary mail service of Microsoft, continues to exist today. Hotmail, an advantage with Microsoft’s easy-to-use Windows system, nowadays it has lost its popularity to Gmail, the Google mail service.

The Outlook system, another system of Microsoft and preferred by corporate users, is still popular. Outlook is a system that needs to be developed in terms of file forwarding, as it does not have an alternative, and it continues to grow with the desire of enterprise users to maintain the established communications network.

Outlook allowing a certain limit in file submission but it does not offer a system for large files.

At the beginning of some of the issues to be considered in the Hotmail sign-up process an proper domain name is coming up. The compatibility of the domain name with the name of the person in the e-mail system, which is also used as an official communication network, will be beneficial both in terms of accessibility and in reducing error rates.

After selecting the username in the Hotmail sign-up process, the system will also request other information about the person. The accuracy of this information will be an advantage when a person becomes a member of future banking systems, social networking sites and government official sites. If there is a contradiction of information, the membership process may be suspended or the membership process canceled.

Another thing to keep in mind when signing up for Hotmail is the fee. The Microsoft company does not charge any fee to get an email address via Hotmail. If payment or credit card information is requested at the time of membership, that means there is a suspicious situation.