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Created New Email Account

Hello, would you like to receive my e-mail? It’s easy to get a new email address
Today, companies offering e-mail services offer free membership to individual users. The service to be used to open a free e-mail account must be selected and the user type selected. Individual email users are free on all services and some corporate users can have email accounts for a fee. You can get it free and easy.

Individual users should choose between Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yandex Mail to open a free email account. The individual user e-mail addresses provided by the preferred system-defined extension have the system name after the user name.

Among these systems, Google offers more advantages than having its own internet browser and application market. Gmail lets you access both the Google Chrome browser and the Google Play Store store.

Outlook service for Microsoft’s corporate open free e-mail accounts is generally preferred. The free version of the Outlook mail service, which is more attractive for enterprise users, can be used as an outlook.com extension of an email account, as it can be used both in the desktop program and in the Internet browser.

The Outlook system is used again for paid email accounts. In this system, the fee is paid to the server, not Microsoft. Users who want to use an e-mail address with an enterprise extension need to hire or buy a server. Finally, the right to use the server’s storage space is provided by an email address with an appropriate extension.