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Hotmail mail service has long history and experience to preserve its existence  today. Unlike E-mail services, Hotmail, which also provides an instant messaging service, is being used through the application at the beginning 2000s year, but nowadays it is being used via internet browser.

The Hotmail service offered by Microsoft, the owner of the Windows operating system, nowadays has unfortunately lost its former popularity. To creat a Hotmail account, you need to go to the website of Microsoft offers mail service.

Once you have specified an appropriate e-mail address, you will have a new hotmail account if you complete the preliminary process. Hotmail service, which can also be used for instant messaging in the past, has left its place to the system where only mail communication is provided like Outlook. In order to reach your hotmail account, you need to enter your e-mail address and password via Outlook. Presenting Outlook as a company account in the past, Microsoft now offers both services together.

Creating a Hotmail account, offers great advantages as it increases the level of communication and accessibility of the person. In daily life, banks,  government sites, billing inquiry and payment systems, social sharing sites, forum sites, online shopping sites, are started their process with e-mail address. Accessibility and reliability became easier by move to virtual environments of everyday information. To access this information, creating a Hotmail account will be sufficient. Information stored on Hotmail is transferred to other sites and systems during registration to provide easier membership and faster transactional benefits..